Client Reminders in Hubly allow you to:

  • Set a date and time to be reminded about a one-off action item for a client that is not a part of a workflow

  • View and manage upcoming client reminders from the client card

  • View and manage all reminders for all clients from the hub feed

These types of reminders are not associated to workflow tasks and can be created from the Reminders section of a client card:

The Reminders Section in a Client Card in Hubly

There you can select the + Add button to create a new reminder for that client:

Creating a new reminder for a client in hubly

You can name the reminder and select a date and time for it to be scheduled to alert you:

Naming a reminder and setting a date and time in Hubly

Selecting Add Reminder will save the reminder for the client:

Client reminders appear in the Upcoming Reminders section on the client tile in Hubly

The reminder can be rescheduled or dismissed from the in-line reminder menu:

Reminders can be rescheduled or dismissed in Hubly

Client reminders can be created quickly for a client in a workflow by selecting Add a Reminder from the client tile menu:

Reminders can be added quickly right from the main Hub through the client tile menu

Client reminders can be seen and managed from the Hub Feed:

Reminders appear in the Hub feed in Hubly

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