Today we are excited to announce our first client data integration with Wealthbox CRM (Wealthbox), a leading client relationship management (CRM) solution for independent financial advisors. This new integration turns Wealthbox client data into actionable opportunities for advisors while eliminating time-consuming and error-prone data reentry steps.

Hubly's integration with Wealthbox creates a bilateral sync of client data, allowing advisors to pre-populate client information from Wealthbox and create/update client records through Hubly. Integrated via the Wealthbox API, this connection ensures that client data flows quickly, securely, and is always up-to-date.

About Wealthbox Technology

Wealthbox is a web-and-mobile CRM application for financial professionals, launched on February 11, 2014. Integrated with leading broker-dealers and wealth-tech partners, Wealthbox is known for its modern product design that results in a powerful yet simple user-experience for RIA firms of all sizes. For more information, visit

Integration Setup

1. During the initial account setup process in Hubly, select Wealthbox CRM from the menu of integration partners.

2. Enter your Wealthbox API key (which can be found in your Wealthbox account here) and select Next.

3. Upon a successful link, you will see that your client records will begin syncing. Select Enter Hub to continue this process in the background.

Integration Functionality

This integration allows advisors and their teams to sync client data across platforms so that they can get up and running in Hubly with a single click. Wealthbox users can now access their full list of clients and begin adding them into Hubly workflows without needing to rekey any information.

After the integration, all contact records in Wealthbox will automatically be linked to client cards within Hubly - no additional action is required.

Wealthbox users can find any of their existing clients in Hubly by using the Find a client search field at the top of their Hub, or by selecting + Add Client(s) on their workflows (more on this below).

Hubly securely syncs the full list of records and keeps the information up-to-date. Any new clients created in Hubly will also be created as contacts in Wealthbox (and visa-versa). To create a new client record, users can simply type the new client's name into any client search field in Hubly and select + Create.

The Refresh button next to the Find a client field lets users manually sync all records between Hubly and Wealthbox CRM at any time.

In Hubly, users can view and update any client’s profile in the Client Card by selecting a client from a search menu or active workflow.

The following information within a Client Card is synced with Wealthbox CRM:

  • Client first and last name

  • Client household name

  • Client’s household/family members

  • Primary email address and phone number

  • Birthday, anniversary, fee agreement, IPS, ADV, and last privacy offering date

  • Tags

  • Comments (Wealthbox client notes)

In addition to being able to create new Wealthbox client records, users can also create and edit Wealthbox client tags right through Hubly as well.

A summary of all Wealthbox client tags can be viewed in Hubly’s Tag Manager within the top-right menu on the Hub. Hubly lets users leverage tags to identify, schedule, and personalize the delivery of services and reviews to each client’s needs.

Selecting an existing tag allows users to view, manage, and export the list of associated clients.

In Hubly, Tags can be used to add groups of clients into workflows, personalize workflow task-lists (by applying task conditions), and save time with automation (by setting up workflow rules).

Hubly users can use tags to add groups of clients into specific workflows by using the + Add Client(s) search field in a workflow and selecting the tag by name. All associated clients will be added to start the selected workflow.

Tags can also be used to make workflows smarter with personalized task-lists in Hubly. Instead of immediately assigning all tasks to all clients added to the workflow, tasks can be configured with conditions.

A condition will exclude the task from a workflow for clients who do not have a specific tag.

Tags can also be combined with client dates and used through workflow rules to automatically find groups of clients and schedule when they should be added into seasonal review workflows and/or other processes in Hubly.

Rules can be configured to run based on calendar or client dates, such as a client's birthday, anniversary, fee agreement, IPS, ADV, or last privacy offering date synced with Wealthbox.

When these rules run, Hubly will search for and add all clients associated with the specific tag at that time - no additional action is required.

CRM Sync Enhancements

While Hubly helps you coordinate work and ensure that nothing gets missed, we know that your CRM helps you create a thorough record of client service.

Workflow Completion Record

Maintaining that record just became a lot easier with our newest improvement to Hubly's integration with Wealthbox CRM.

Record in your CRM when workflows are completed in Hubly

When enabled in the Integrations Settings page (follow the link to enable in your Hub), Hubly will create a Client Note in your CRM once a workflow is completed in Hubly.

Hubly will create a Client Note in your CRM once a workflow is completed in Hubly

Users can now quickly review workflow completion records in their CRM and seamlessly navigate directly to the linked workflow and client in Hubly.

Trusts & Companies

Trusts and Companies are now included in the two-way sync for all Wealthbox CRM connected accounts.

Trusts & Companies are created in your CRM, whether you're using Redtail or Wealthbox, and can be added to workflows in Hubly.

These newly supported contact record types will now be available to be added into workflows as well as categorized into Streams and Tags.

Hubly users can work on the Trusts and Companies under their care by adding trusts and companies into Hubly workflows as well as categorized into Streams and Tags

CRM Notes will also appear as Comments and can be created in the Client Card for these Trusts and Companies.

CRM Notes will also appear as Comments and can be created in the Client Card for these Trusts and Companies.

Prefixes & Suffixes

Prefixes and Suffixes will now be displayed alongside client names in the search menus, as well as on the Client Tiles and in the Client Card.

Prefixes and Suffixes will now be displayed alongside client names in Hubly.

These name fields will now be included in the two-way sync for all Wealthbox CRM connected accounts.

Client name prefixes and suffixes are included in the two-way sync for all Wealthbox CRM and Redtail CRM connected accounts.

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