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📢 Reminder Status Filter, Seasonal Task Conditions, and More!
📢 Reminder Status Filter, Seasonal Task Conditions, and More!

See what's new in Hubly! Release 2020.11

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Filter By Reminder Status

Whether you're tracking important deadlines, delegating tasks, or making sure that workflows are not falling behind, Task Reminders help you focus on what's important faster.

Now you can find your most pressing client tasks and prioritize your day with the new Reminder Status Filter in Hubly.

Create Seasonal Task Conditions

Task conditions let you choose to only include a task in a workflow if a client has a specific service need (Stream) or attribute (Tag).

Now Task Conditions can further tailor your workflows to match the seasonality of your client service calendar.

Create Seasonal Task Conditions

Color Coding Views

Color coding is a great way to stay organized while navigating through your Workflows and Streams. This is why we have added colors to your Views in Hubly. Get started and see for yourself in the Edit/Create View menu.

Color Coding Views In Hubly

Scheduled Workflows Stay In The Client Card

Next Workflows help create structure when managing upcoming client reviews and engagements.

When scheduled to a start date, these workflows now stay in the Client Card to help you see what's coming up at a glance.

Next Workflows will be added to this new section automatically once their parent workflow is marked complete.

Scheduled Workflows Stay In The Client Card In Hubly

Order Clients By Last Name

Configure how client names appear across your Hub with this new setting.

Order Clients By Last Name In Hubly

Navigate to the Client Settings Table in the Settings Page and simply select Last Name under "Ordered By" to try it out.

Client Settings Table in the Settings Page In Hubly

Other Small Improvements & Bug Fixes

This release also introduces additional small improvements and fixes for issues.

A well deserved thank you to our growing community of users for taking the time to provide feedback, recommend features, and let us know when things don't seem right. We always love hearing from you!

Want to see our new features in action or have other suggestions in mind?

Schedule a call with Ron, he would love to hear from you!

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