Introducing The Hubly Digest

Whether you're looking ahead for client birthdays and meetings, or checking in on your productivity this week, the Hubly Digest provides a snapshot of your firm at-a-glance.

Introducing The Hubly Digest

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Add A Task To A Next Workflow

No matter if you're planning next steps or scheduling a workflow for next quarter, Next Workflows gives you peace of mind.

Now you can add a task, set a reminder, and assign a member of your team so that you can sleep well knowing that nothing is falling through the cracks.

Add A Task To A Next Workflow In Hubly

Export Clients By Stream or Tag

Located at the top-right of your Hub, you can now use the Stream/Tag Manager to Export Client Lists.

Export Clients By Stream or Tag In Hubly

Streams and tags to help you and your team stay on the same page - especially as a client's needs and circumstances evolve over time.

Include Incomplete Tasks In Client Reports

When you create workflows in Hubly, whether you build out comprehensive task-lists or capture to-dos ad-hoc, when you add a client, Hubly helps you keep a thorough record.

Now you can include incomplete tasks when generating a client report to prepare for a meeting or store in your client files.

Include Incomplete Tasks In Client Reports In Hubly

Other Small Improvements & Bug Fixes

This release also introduces additional small improvements and fixes for issues.

A well deserved thank you to our growing community of users for taking the time to provide feedback, recommend features, and let us know when things don't seem right. We always love hearing from you!

Want to see our new features in action or have other suggestions in mind?

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