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πŸ“’ Previews For Reminders, Supercharged Views, Quick Actions, And More!
πŸ“’ Previews For Reminders, Supercharged Views, Quick Actions, And More!

See what's new in Hubly! Release 2020.8

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New Reminder Previews

Staying on top of your client to-dos just got even easier.

Preview a client's task reminders quickly by hovering over the bell icon on a client tile in a workflow.

New Reminder Previews In Hubly

Supercharged Views

Keep your daily momentum going with new and improved Views.

We've updated the summary line to give you a glimpse into the number of active clients, workflows, and reminders that you have upcoming, due, and overview within each view.

Supercharged Views In Hubly With Workflow Summaries

You can now also drag-and-drop views into any order that you prefer.

Quick Actions

Working to boost your productivity, we're introducing two new quick actions that help you get more done faster.

Quick Actions On Client Workflows In Hubly

Nested inside the client tile menu in a new option to quickly mark the next task complete without having to manually find the task inside the client card.

A quick way to complete workflow tasks in Hubly

You can also find a new way to mark all tasks complete, tucked away in the workflow menu inside the client card. Gone are the days of checking off each task one at a time.

Did You See?

You can mark a workflow complete without having to complete all of its tasks? A useful way to capture partial progress on workflows.

Completion Dates On Completed Workflows

In addition to the date that a client was added, Hubly now displays the date that each workflow is marked complete conveniently within the workflow dropdown menu inside the client card.

Completion Dates On Completed Workflows In Hubly

You can select in-progress and completed workflows to view the client tasks.

See Assigned Users In Your Hub Feed

Each task's assigned user is now displayed inline with reminders within the Hub Feed.

See Assigned Users In Your Hub Feed In Hubly

A Clear Hub By Default

Now when you select Clear All Hubly clears your hub by default, letting you snap to a view or unhide just the workflows or processes that you want to see.

A Clear Hub By Default In Hubly

Other Small Improvements & Bug Fixes

This release also introduces additional small improvements and fixes for issues.

A well deserved thank you to our growing community of users for taking the time to provide feedback, recommend features, and let us know when things don't seem right. We always love hearing from you!

Want to see our new features in action or have other suggestions in mind?

Schedule a call with Ron, he would love to hear from you!

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