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πŸ“’ Announcing Hubly for Teams
πŸ“’ Announcing Hubly for Teams

See what's new in Hubly! Release 2020.6

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Team Functionality

Our team is excited to announce the launch of multi-user accounts in Hubly! Advisors can now collaborate in realtime with their support staff, assign tasks within workflows, configure roles, and work together to deliver a seamless client experience that scales.

Work Together, Or Separately. Your choice.

Advisors can now add their service partners and support staff to their Hub to collaborate on the client experience and work together cohesively.


Does your firm manage different books of business? Every advisor and staff can have their own Hub - while you have the tools to manage, monitor, and structure their processes.


Ensure That Everyone Knows Their Part

Pre-assign tasks to team members and delegate action items in real-time to ensure that everyone knows their part. Assigned tasks can also be configured with Reminders, Descriptions, Links, and Email Templates to provide a detailed, easy-to-follow breakdown of every step.

Ensuring That Everyone Know Their Part In Hubly

Hubly Adapts To Your Team

Hubly is built with flexibility top of mind. Our new features adapt to your team structure and work methodology to improve collaboration, communication, and efficiency.

Interested in what Hubly could look like for your team? Our implementation specialists would love to chat.

Schedule a call to learn more about how Hubly can help your team.

Improved Task Functionality

Descriptions and Links on tasks have helped our advisors create easy to follow processes that reduce staff training time, improve team management, and eliminate roadblocks.

Associate tasks with household members in Hubly

Task Details make it really easy to create comprehensive tasks, personalized for each client. In addition to assigning tasks to members of your team, you can now associate tasks with different household members, making it easy to remember who each task is for.

Other Small Improvements & Bug Fixes

This release also introduces additional small improvements and fixes for issues.

A well deserved thank you to our growing community of users for taking the time to provide feedback, recommend features, and let us know when things don't seem right. We always love hearing from you!

Want to see our new features in action or have other suggestions in mind?

Schedule a call with Ron, he would love to hear from you!

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