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Getting Started Checklist For Teams

A step-by-step guide to help you successfully get your team up and running with their Workflows in Hubly

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Before introducing a team to their Workflows in Hubly, we recommend:

  • Building out Workflows based on a small group of initial topics

  • Getting comfortable tracking client work for those topics in Hubly

  • Understanding (and planning for) where key hand-offs will occur

  • Configuring Views for quick access to specific Workflows and common dashboards (such as upcoming/overdue tasks, assigned tasks, etc)

Moving your team towards working out of one single source of truth is not without it's challenges, but this lesson is designed to help you:

  • Get your team up and running with Hubly

  • Introduce navigation of Workflows and Views

  • Demonstrate finding Clients and tracking work

  • Teach habits for finding outstanding and overdue work

Tip: If you work on a larger team, we recommend getting those who most commonly work together into smaller groups to get into Hubly together. This way your examples will be more relevant and everyone will be more engaged.

Getting your team up and running

In Hubly, navigate to the Settings page and review the User Information table to ensure that new team members have an account ready for them in Hubly:

Next, have them activate their new accounts and connect them to their CRM:

Tip: Contact Hubly Support in the Support Chat if you have any issues.

Navigating Workflows & Views

To help new team members find their bearings, we recommend starting fresh with a clear Hub. If you have Workflows on your screen (or a View active), select Clear All:

We recommend pre-configuring Views to make it easier for team members to find the dashboard of Workflows that they're looking for:

Demonstrate how to use the Workflow and Filters menus to find and filter down a summary of outstanding work:

Tip: Spend some time reviewing actual work that is currently underway for Clients, as you normally would in a team meeting

Finding Clients and tracking work

Lead your team member through the Contact Search menu to look for a client that they've recently worked on:

Soon to be the first place your team checks to see an overview of any given client, it's important to spend sufficient time getting them comfortable with the Client Card:

Introduce some of the most common client tasks that they are likely to encounter, and demonstrate how to add the client to a Workflow and customize its Tasks:

Show them how to communicate within Tasks by using the Task Description to capture relevant details:

Tip: We recommend spending some time together capturing recently encountered client tasks and to-do's

Habits for finding outstanding and overdue work

Now it's time to introduce the new habits that you would like them to build. Whether looking for outstanding work that they're assigned or an update on a client project, it's important to understand their needs and walk them through it step-by-step in Hubly.

Introduce the Hubfeed to see a summary of urgent, assigned Tasks:

And the Show Active report to see an overview of all outstanding Tasks:

Demonstrate the different types of Filters and the impact they have on the Workflow dashboard:

Identify common sets of Workflows and introduce (or create) corresponding Views:

Tip: Re-enforce the habits that you would like your team to build by working in Hubly during team meetings to review, plan, and prioritize work

Getting started checklist

☑ Walkthrough the account activation process

☑ Connect the new account to the CRM

☑ Start in an empty Hub

☑ Introduce the Workflows menu

☑ Explain groupings of Workflows in Processes

☑ Demonstrate showing Workflow(s) in Hub

☑ Demonstrate clearing Hub

☑ Introduce the Views menu

☑ Demonstrate switching between Views

☑ Demonstrate each pertinent View and review relevant real clients

☑ Introduce the Client Tile and overview of progress given therein

☑ Demonstrate finding a specific client from the Contact Search menu

☑ Introduce the Client Card (including household, contact info, dates, comments, and CRM backlink)

☑ Introduce Workflows that a client has been added to

☑ Demonstrate adding a client to a Workflow

☑ Introduce the concept of fully customizable Tasks

☑ Demonstrate a real example for a recently worked on Client

☑ Demonstrate configuring the newly added Workflow by customizing Task Details, assignee, reminders, etc

☑ Demonstrate tracking the progress on this Client back in the Hub

☑ Introduce the Hubfeed

☑ Demonstrate finding work using the Show Active report

☑ Demonstrate filtering the Hub

☑ Demonstrate finding work by using pre-configured Views

Need A Hand?

Product Guides

We created a collection of useful Product Guides to let you explore Hubly and get familiar with all of the different ways that our product can make you more productive and simplify how you run your practice.

Need more in-depth help?

If you've checked out the Help Center and still need some guidance, you can use the in-app Live Chat to send us a message. You can also reach your Implementation Lead directly. We're here to help, just ask! 🙋‍♂️

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What's Next?

Your business can change a lot within a year. That's why it's important to take the time to dial in your Workflows and update your documented processes.

We've created a simple framework to facilitate regular, structured reviews that get your team aligned and in sync while allowing everyone the opportunity to identify what works well in your Hub, and what needs to be improved.

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