We've made a number of changes and improvements to your Hub.

Workflows can now be added more than once for a client β€” making it easier to track multiple instances of a specific activity (such as new account opening, bulk trades, etc). This option can be enabled from a Workflow's settings menu.

Workflows can now also be renamed from the Workflow menu in the Client Card, once a client starts a workflow.

We've also updated the Client Card to display the client's age in-line with their birthday and now let you archive a client from the Workflow menu as well.

Back in the main Hub, the Task Assignee Filter has been updated to make it easier to quickly see a summary of just the workflows where the next task is assigned to you.

New options have also been added to the Task Reminder Status filter, making it easier than ever before to quickly see a summary of just those workflows with tasks that will need your attention this week and next week, as well as those that do not have any reminders set.

An option has been added to the Client Tile menu, letting you quickly move a client to the top of the list in their workflow.

Don't forget to leave your feedback and let us know how we can continue to improve your experience in Hubly!

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