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Integrating Hubly with your CRM

How to integrate your Wealthbox or Redtail account to Hubly

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So, you've set up your Hubly account, and are ready to get started. But how? Hubly integrates smoothly with Wealthbox and Redtail CRMs, allowing you to sync contact information, tags, and actions back and forth.

Integration Setup

1. During the initial account setup process in Hubly, select your chosen CRM from the menu of integration partners.

2. Enter your CRM login credentials and select Next.

3. Upon successful link you will see that your client records will begin syncing. Select Enter Hub to continue this process in the background.

Integration Functionality

This integration allows advisors and their teams to sync client data across platforms so that they can get up and running in Hubly with a single click. Redtail and Wealthbox users can now access their full list of clients and begin adding them into Hubly workflows without needing to rekey any information.

After the integration, all contact records in Wealthbox and Redtail will automatically be linked to client cards within Hubly - no additional action is required.

Hubly securely syncs the full list of records and keeps information up-to-date. Any new clients created in Hubly will also be created as contacts in your CRM (and visa-versa). To create a new client record, users can simply type the new client's name into any client search field in Hubly and select + Create.

The Refresh button under the Find a client field lets users manually sync all records between Hubly and Wealthbox or Redtail CRMs at any time.

Need A Hand?

Product Guides

We created a collection of useful Product Guides to let you explore Hubly and get familiar with all of the different ways that our product can make you more productive and simplify how you run your practice.

Need more in-depth help?

If you've checked out the Help Center and still need some guidance, you can use the in-app Live Chat to send us a message. You can also reach your Implementation Lead directly. We're here to help, just ask! πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

Not a Hubly user?

We would love to learn more about your challenges and see if Hubly can help your firm grow. Schedule a free strategy call with us directly to get started!


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