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Choosing A Topic To Get You Started
Choosing A Topic To Get You Started

Not sure where to start? No need to stress, we've prepared this helpful guide to help.

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Welcome to Hubly! Hubly was built to work the way that you do, powered by the feedback and help of financial advisors and their staff, just like you!

This article was made to help you start your journey to a happier and more productive back office.

Where is the majority of your team's focus today?

Whether your team is working through a wave of referrals or prospects from a recent seminar, or gearing up for a surge of client review meetings, oftentimes the best place to start is where your team is already focused today.

If you're at the tail-end of a priority, we recommend looking at the quarter ahead to identify a good place to start.

What are the challenges facing your team today?

Often times there isn't one clear focus area, with your team juggling many balls across different areas of the business.

Start by taking note of all the relevant areas where your team's attention is split, and take time to meet with different team members to identify the challenges that they currently face with the specific work that they're responsible for.

Find out how they stay on top of outstanding work, both in the short and long term. Do they document key processes, or are things kept mostly in their head? Do they use CRM workflows β€” why or why not? How do they collaborate with others and create visibility into where things left off?

Rank these challenges and identify a leading area of focus

We refer to this as your first topic β€” the area of your business that you will be focused on initially building out in Hubly prior to introducing relevant members of your team.

We have curated a collection of Workflow Templates built upon collective knowledge and best practices that the Hubly team has developed.

You will see that Hubly templates are matched with training Topics and designed in such a way as to provide you with a simple starting point β€” while allowing you to fully customize and personalize each Workflow to work exactly the way that you need it to for your firm.

Self-led or Live Topic Training

Start by selecting the relevant Topic from the Hubly Academy.

Each Topic Training can be completed by following the self-led content at your own pace.

You can also register for an upcoming Live Session on any Topic. Live sessions repeat every few weeks.

Getting your questions answered

The quickest and often easiest way to find answers to many questions is on Hubly's Knowledge Base.

Hubly users can also register for upcoming Office Hours to ask questions in a group setting, or use the in-app Chat to send us a message 1-on-1. We're here to help, just ask! πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

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