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How to Create a Tag or Stream in Hubly
How to Create a Tag or Stream in Hubly

Instructions for creating tag groups and streams.

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Tags and Streams are an important categorization tool that Hubly uses to streamline work through automations. We created this guide to help you bulk add your contacts to the tags/streams you wish to set up in Hubly.

Step 1: Add Contacts to Tag Group from CRM

The first step is to bulk add your contacts to a tag group from your CRM.

  • Navigate to your CRM

  • Create a tag group called Active Client

  • Bulk add all respective contacts to the tag group

To help you out, we’ve included both Redtail and Wealthbox instructions for bulk adding clients to a tag:

Step 2: Sync With CRM

Now that your contacts have been added to the tag group, navigate back to Hubly and manually sync with CRM. You’ll find the button “Sync with CRM” within the contact search dropdown. Once the sync has been completed, you should see the new tag in the Tag menu with all of the contacts that you added.

Step 3: Move Clients from Tag Group to Active Client Stream

If you have any existing tag groups in your CRM that you wish to make a Stream in Hubly, our Support team can lend a hand. Reach out to Support via the chat and let us know which tag groups you wish to make into streams, and we can take the contacts from your tag group and add them to the Active Client stream.

* Hot Tip from our trainers - Use your streams selectively. Streams serve the same function as tags for automation. The biggest difference is the streams are easily identifiable in the client card (with the colored dots representing your different streams). If you are selective and use Streams for very high-level, important indicators, it will be easy to identify these in your dashboard. Examples include: Top 20 Clients, VIP Clients, Difficult Clients, First Year Clients, etc.

Follow this same process for other Tags/Streams you wish to create in Hubly. Examples include: A/B/C Clients, Tax Clients, Prospects.

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