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Wealthbox CRM Review Tips
Wealthbox CRM Review Tips

Steps to take within Wealthbox to ensure full use of Hubly's automation rules. These tips can be done anytime within Wealthbox.

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How to Make The Most of Hubly & Wealthbox

To help you get started on the right foot, we've outlined some straightforward steps to ensure a smooth Hubly and Wealthbox integration. This process will allow you to seamlessly sync tags, advisors, and essential dates with your Hubly Client Cards.

Here's a step-by-step guide to get you going:

Managing Your Tags:

  • Transition to Individual Tags:

    • If your firm uses household-level tags, transition to individual-level tagging for enhanced automation and specificity.

      • Hubly's flexibility empowers you to focus on individual milestones and tasks, while maintaining a household perspective.

  • Review Your Tags:

    • Export tag data and make sure each tag aligns with its intended purpose. Eliminate any unnecessary or redundant tags

      • For instance, if you classify clients based on tiers, verify that each client bears the appropriate tier-related tag.

  • Introduce an "Active Client" Tag:

    • Simplify your onboarding by bulk-uploading the "Active Client" tag to all individual active clients.

  • Create a Tag Key

    • Compile a comprehensive list of your firm's tags and their uses. This is a handy reference for training and understanding of the purpose of each tag.

Assign to: Advisor

  • If your firm has multiple advisors, using Wealthbox’s assigned advisor field offers the advantage of automatic client-advisor alignment in Hubly.

  • Once configured in Wealthbox, these fields initiate automatic assignment of clients to the advisors Service Team in Hubly.

📝 Note: Service Teams is available in Hubly's "Scale" package

Leverage Important Client Dates:

There are several Important Client Dates that sync from Wealthbox on to your Client Cards.

  • Birthday

  • Anniversary

  • Fee agreement

  • IPS

  • ADV

  • Last privacy offering date

By effectively managing these essential dates, you improve the detail and depth of automation in your Hub. You can update these dates on the clients Wealthbox client profile.

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