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Configuring Streams and Tags by Household
Configuring Streams and Tags by Household

Quickly apply streams and tags to all members of a client's household.

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When a client with household is added to a Stream or Tag, Hubly allows you to:

  • Quickly include the stream or tag for all members of the household

  • Configure workflow rules to look for and add only the heads of households

Adding To Streams/Tags

In Hubly, when a client with a household is added to a stream/tag, you can add that stream/tag just for that client or for all household members.

Clients can be added by selecting a stream or tag β€” from its dropdown at the top right of your Hub β€” and using the Add client menu.

Streams and tags can also be configured client-by-client by searching for the client in the Find A Client menu at the top of your Hub and opening their client card.

Streams are located along the top of the client card and tags are at the bottom right corner.

Configuring Workflow Rules

To help ensure that the right clients are added to your workflows at the right times of the year, workflow rules can be configured to look for and add the household head in place of other household members.

This can be configured in the menu for Repeating, Add/Remove Stream, and Age-Based Rules in a workflow's settings:

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