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Forms & Conditional Logic in the Client Card
Forms & Conditional Logic in the Client Card

Turn key client data into customized Client Workflows, only completing applicable tasks, and much more

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You've set up Forms and Conditional Logic in a Workflow Template, now what? Time to see it in action!

How to get started

Once a client has been added to the Workflow with Forms and Conditional Logic, click on the Client Tile and bring up the Client Card. You'll notice a difference: Tasks associated with a "When" Condition related to a Form are highlighted in grey:

NOTE: these tasks are illustrative in nature, and are visible only because the corresponding Form has not be filled out.

When you're ready to fill out your Form with data, click the Forms icon in-line with the Task, and your Form will appear to fill out. In this example, the Task "Document details of account to open" is the Task:

NOTE: You can also bring up the Form by completing the task. Said another way, if a task has a Form associated with it, the Form must be completed to complete the Task.

Now, fill out your Form! Since these Form Fields are single select drop-downs, only one from each list can be picked:

Once you've input your data, hit "Save Changes". You'll then see the non-applicable tasks removed from the Client Workflow, and only the Tasks whose conditions are met based on the Form inputs remain:

In the above example, Form Field "Custodian" determined which tasks are applicable, so only tasks whose conditions are met when "Custodian = LPL" remain in the Client Workflow:

This is valuable because depending on the custodian, funding type, or account type the steps, or details of those steps, may vary greatly. Using the above methodology, your firm can input the most specific and accurate steps in the task details of each task, and use "When" conditions to make sure your team is presented with a focused view on what exactly to do next.

Need to edit a Forms details? No problem. Click the Form icon again, then click into the Form details:

Change the Form inputs accordingly, and hit Save. You'll see that based on the updated Form info, the Client Workflow Tasks update accordingly, too (the LPL tasks changed to Wells Fargo, based on "Custodian = Wells Fargo):

Not only does Conditional Logic within Workflows further customize and streamline your client servicing, but Forms help other teammates know exact client details in an actionable, easy-to-comprehend summary:

A note about "When" conditions

Keep in mind, if you set up a Conditional Task to only "activate" in a more advanced situation, such as a "When" plus an "And" condition based on multiple Forms, you'll need to fill out both Forms in order for the Task to "activate":

πŸŽ‰ Now, you're ready to:

  • Improve your practice with customized, data-specific Client Workflows

  • Set up firm KPIs based on this data using the Insight Dashboards Forms Report

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