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Meetings Sync (Beta)

Edit which meeting types will be imported from your CRM to Hubly so you can control which meeting dates you see in Hubly

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🚧 Note: The Meetings Sync feature is currently in beta as we work to improve its integration. If you're interested in using this feature, please reach out to our support team at

ℹ️ This feature syncs Redtail Activities and Wealthbox Events to your Hubly account.

Overview of Meeting Types Filtering

The Meeting Types Filtering feature allows you to:

  • Organize your data effectively

  • Exclude specific meeting types from syncing to Hubly

  • Sync only the meeting dates that are crucial for your workflows

Configuration Steps

In Hubly, administrators can decide which meeting types to sync with your Hub. This setting is accessible in the Hub settings menu. To customize your preferences:

  1. Navigate to Hub settings.

  2. Under Integration Settings, locate the section on meeting types.

  3. Select the meeting types you wish to sync by checking the box next to each type.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Hubly will perform a synchronization, and you will see the updated counts of Meeting Types and meeting dates in the Meeting Types table.

  6. Meeting dates associated with excluded types will be removed from your Hubly account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens to my existing meeting dates and types before I enable the sync?

Existing meeting types in your Hubly account will be matched by name with types pulled from your CRM. Similarly, existing meeting dates will be matched by their type, date, and linked client with the dates pulled from your CRM.

Meeting types that can't be matched will continue to exist in Hubly, as well as the meeting dates associated with the type.

Can I create new meeting types in Hubly?

No, you cannot create, edit, or delete meeting types directly in Hubly. All changes must be made in your CRM and then synced to Hubly.

Can I create new meeting dates in Hubly?

No, new meeting dates must be added or modified in your CRM. Hubly will only sync these changes after they are made in your CRM.

Does the integration support recurring meetings?

Currently, the integration does not support recurring meetings. Recurring meetings in your CRM will appear in Hubly only once, on their original start date.

Does the integration support limited visibility for meeting dates?

No, unlike CRM contact permissions, all meeting dates are visible in Hubly to users who have access to the associated contact.

How often meetings are synced to Hubly?

Hubly syncs with your CRM automatically every night at 2 AM EST. If you need the meeting date in Hubly immediately, you can trigger a manual sync by clicking on “Sync with CRM” within the Contact Dropdown at the top right of your screen.

[Redtail Only] Some meetings are not showing up in Hubly

Due to a limitation on Redtail API, Hubly can only sync meetings which at least one of the attendees is a Hubly user. For instance, if a “Phone Call” meeting has John Doe as the only attendee and John Doe is not a Hubly user, this meeting won't be created in Hubly due to Redtail API limitations. This limitation only allows Hubly to “see” meetings of users registered in Hubly. To work around this limitation, one may add a Hubly user as an attendee.

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