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Customize Which Redtail Contacts Sync to Hubly via Contact Status
Customize Which Redtail Contacts Sync to Hubly via Contact Status

Edit which contact statuses will be imported from Redtail to Hubly so you can control which clients you see in Hubly

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Redtail contact status filtering allows you to:

  • Clean up your data

  • Better organize your teams

  • Exclude certain Contact Statuses — such as Inactive — from Hubly

  • Accurately reflect the contacts you’re servicing as they move through the client lifecycle

In Hubly, you can configure which Redtail contact statuses will sync with your Hub. This option is found in Hub settings:

You might not want to pull contacts with certain statuses (such as Inactive Client or Inactive Prospect) into Hubly. You can control which Redtail status categories you'd like to sync with Hubly by checking the box next to each one:


Once you select Save Changes Hubly will run a sync and you'll see the updated Contact Statuses and contact counts reflected in the Contact Status table:


As a result of excluding certain Contact Statuses, and therefore contacts, there will be fewer contacts syncing into Hubly. You may also see fewer Service Teams in the Service Teams section of your Settings page:

If you've previously done work for a contact (e.g. completed or included a contact in a Hubly Workflow) these contacts will not be filtered out of Hubly. This is to prevent a loss of data related to clients you've already done work for in Hubly.

Note that when you create a contact via Hubly, that contact will have no Contact Status in Redtail. The contact will sync with Redtail, and will show up in both Hubly and Redtail regardless of which Contact Statuses you sync to Hubly. To assign a Contact Status to that contact, you’ll need to manually enter the desired Contact Status for that specific contact in Redtail.

Updating or editing your Redtail Contact Statuses is easy, and more information is available through Redtail’s Helpdesk. You can also update Contact Statuses in bulk in Redtail.

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