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Use The CRM’s Assigned Advisor Field To Get Started With Service Teams In No Time
Use The CRM’s Assigned Advisor Field To Get Started With Service Teams In No Time

Service Teams can be set up automatically via two-way sync leveraging every client’s assigned advisor from the CRM

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📝 Note: Service Teams is available in Hubly's "Scale" package

Leveraging synced Roles from your CRM will allow you to:

  • Avoid spending unnecessary time assigning Service Teams to Hubly Contacts manually

  • Quickly create Service Teams based on existing advisor-client relationships

  • Ensure that the Tasks are correctly assigned to the right user for every Contact

In Hubly, it’s important to get started by ensuring that the right Advisor is assigned for all of your Contacts in the CRM. Once updated, make sure to run a CRM sync with Hubly through the Contact Search menu:

Configured in your Settings page, Service Teams can be synced with every Contact’s assigned advisor from your CRM:

Visible in the Client Card, these advisors will be automatically pre-assigned to the Contacts that they support:

Select Manage User Roles to create custom roles to assign team members to specialized types of tasks:

Here you can sync existing Roles to the Roles within your CRM:

You can also create, remove, or rename existing Roles — changes will be reflected for all Service Teams:

Now that you have set up the different Roles, you can select an individual row on the Service Teams table back on the Settings Page to edit a specific Service Team:

Here you can assign users to each Role on that advisor’s team or rename that Service Team:

Multiple users can be assigned to the same Role if they service that Advisor’s clients collaboratively:

Changes will be reflected for all of the Contacts assigned to that Service Team:

A Default Service Team can be used for any relationships that do not yet have a lead advisor. Simply select the row to configure the Default Service Team assignments:

Now, when a Contact is added to the Workflow, Hubly will auto-magically route every Task for you, based on the user assigned to that Role for that specific Contact:

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