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Automate Task Routing by Assigning Workflow Tasks to Roles
Automate Task Routing by Assigning Workflow Tasks to Roles

User Roles can be configured to help Tasks find their way intelligently to the right team member

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Assigning Workflow Tasks to Roles instead of to specific users allows you to:

  • Convert existing Workflows that require manual assignment of Tasks whenever a Client is added to the Workflow

  • Leverage Shared Roles to notify multiple users about a Task when a Client is added to the Workflow

  • Leverage Service Teams to route Tasks based on which user is responsible for a specific Client that’s added to the Workflow

  • Save time and improve accuracy while feeling confident that nothing is slipping through the cracks

In Hubly, you can now configure your Workflow tasks to be assigned to a Role instead of a user:

Existing Workflow templates that are unassigned, or assigned directly to users, can easily be converted to Role assignments:

You can build Service Teams to assign specific Users to these Roles for a client:

This way, when a client is added to the Workflow, Hubly will route every Task for you, based on the user assigned to that Role:

Tasks that are assigned to Roles that are shared between multiple users will remain assigned to this Role while notifying all users who share responsibility over that Role:

Tip: See the Settings page to configure Tasks to automatically assign to a user in a Shared Role based on their capacity

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