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Leverage Shared Roles To Manage Workloads
Leverage Shared Roles To Manage Workloads

Assigning a Task that can be completed by more than one team member to a shared Role can help you ensure that it gets done faster

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Assigning team members to Shared Roles lets you:

  • Bring specific Workflow Tasks to the attention of more than one team member by assigning them to a Shared Role

  • Route Tasks intelligently to balance workload based on each team member’s capacity

  • Filter your Hub to see which incomplete Tasks are assigned to that specific Role

In Hubly, you can assign multiple users to the same Role when configuring a Service Team in your Settings page:

When multiple users are assigned to share responsibility over a Role, all Users will be notified when a Task is assigned to that Role:

This setting can be configured to specify how users in a shared Role are notified:

Hubly can route Tasks automatically to the User with the least number of total incomplete Tasks assigned:

Users who share responsibility over a Role on a Service Team will be displayed in the Client Card:

Workflow Tasks can be pre-assigned to a Shared Role so that they are brought to the attention of multiple users:

When a Client is added to the Workflow, those Tasks will remain assigned to Shared Roles and can be manually picked up by any User in those Roles:

Those Users will be able to filter the Hub to see which Tasks are assigned to them indirectly via their Role:

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