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Keep Frequently Used Email Templates at Your Fingertips
Keep Frequently Used Email Templates at Your Fingertips

Email templates saved within workflow tasks can save you time and keep you from interrupting your workflow.

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Email Templates on Workflow Tasks allow you to:

  • Pre-write emails for common interactions and follow-ups to ensure consistency and save time

  • Collaborate on drafts with other members of your team

  • Avoid rekeying by quickly sending drafted emails to Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or your desktop's email client to make final edits and add attachments

In Hubly, you can add an Email Template to a Task by selecting the in-line Email icon:

Here you can write a templated Subject line and Body:

We recommend including placeholders for future customization and commonly used links:

Select the Save button when you are finished editing and you can select the Email icon to view/edit existing email templates again:

Email Templates will be included with the Task when a client is added to this Workflow. Select the Email icon in-line with that task to show and customize the email template for that individual client:

Multiple users can create revisions to this template collaboratively on Hubly, and when you are ready, any user can select the Send Email option and choose which email client to open this template in:

Hubly will pre-populate the email, along with the client’s email address, in a new draft within your chosen email client. You can further customize and stylize the email and include any required attachments or CC’s prior to sending.

Note: the email will not send directly from Hubly — don't be scared to press "Send Email"

Already have email templates set up in your CRM?

We recommend finding and linking the relevant email template as a Task Link to the corresponding Workflow Task:

This way, the right email template will always be a click away. Learn more about Task Links here.

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