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Introducing Automation That Actually Saves You Time
Introducing Automation That Actually Saves You Time

Set up automated actions that actually work together — letting you up your game while keeping repetitive, time-consuming tasks in check.

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There are many ways that automated actions can save you time in Hubly. From setting smart reminders for your Workflow Tasks, to categorizing Clients in Streams and Tags as they move through a Workflow.

However, the only helpful automation is the one that actually saves you time!

For this reason, we always recommend waiting until you’ve driven at least a couple of real clients through a Workflow.

Automations, like adjustments to your Task lists, are best added retroactively after reflecting on the successes and failures of a Workflow.

Smart Task Reminders

Frequently setting reminders on the same Workflow step?

Try pre-configuring a sequential task reminder that will automatically be set upon the completion of the preceding Task:

Zapier Triggers

Bogged down rekeying client data and meeting dates just to add clients to a Hubly Workflow once they use a meeting scheduling link or submit an interest form?

Try adding a Zapier trigger that monitors that form and adds the client to that specific Workflow for you in Hubly:

Add or Remove Stream/Tag Rule

Manually adding or removing Streams or Tags whenever you start or complete a specific Workflow?

Try adding an Add or Remove Stream/Tag Rule to trigger when the client is added or completes that specific Workflow:

Age-Based Rule

Spending time you don’t have manually running CRM reports to identify which clients are turning a specific age?

Try adding an Age-Based Rule to monitor a group of clients to add to a specific Workflow when they turn a specific age:

Try configuring Age-Based Rules for your RMD, QCD, Long-Term Care, and Social Security Workflows!

Repeating Rule

Setting reminders to add clients into Workflows every month/quarter/year?

Try adding a Repeating Rule to add specific groups of clients to a Workflow on set frequencies:

Important Client Date Rule

Struggling to stay on top of long-term topics, such as insurance and estate plan reviews? Tired of manually identifying when it’s time to schedule check-in meetings/reviews based on the previous meeting date and client service level?

Try adding an Important Client Date Rule to monitor a group of clients and add them to that specific Workflow a set amount of time before/after an individual client date:

Try creating custom Client Dates to track key dates that will trigger future service needs. Update them during each client’s next review so that they can be used to automatically populate your clients to specific long-term workflows using Important Client Date Rules.

Remember, the goal is not to foresee and plan for every possible scenario — the trick is not to overdo it. Automated actions can save you time, or just as easily bury you with clients added to Workflows in overwhelming waves.

Start by setting up a select few automated actions that will prop up your existing activities and long-term client priorities, instead of introducing new (sometimes aspirational) touchpoints that you don’t yet have.

Test them out, see how they work, and iterate. The same applies to your Workflows and Task lists. Hubly makes it easy to adopt a mindset where you plan, test, and improve over time — making your operations more efficient with every passing cycle of client work.

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