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Replace Users in Your Hub

Administrators can replace departing users from the Settings page

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Administrators can replace departing users in their Hub from the Settings page in order to:

  • manage user access

  • invite new team members

In Hubly, you can replace users by navigating to the Hub Settings section of the Settings page, then selecting the three dots to the right of a user’s information. This will open a menu from which you can select Replace User:

A window will appear asking for the new user's information. This includes:

You'll also be able to reassign the departing user's tasks to:

  • The new user

  • Another user in your Hub

  • Unassigned

Select Finish to deactivate the departing user. Their tasks will be reassigned based on your selection, and the new user will appear in your Hub:

If Invite Now was enabled, the new user will immediately receive an email to get started with Hubly.

Any users added that are not yet invited will always appear in the user information table with the status “Invite not sent”. When you’d like to invite them to your Hub, please contact our support team in the bottom right-hand corner of your Hub, and we’ll send them an invite to get started:

We sometimes see situations where a firm wants to reuse an email for a new user (e.g, In this case each new intern uses the same email to keep consistency with the inbox. For compliance reasons, Hubly does not allow two users to have the same email address.

Both GMail and Outlook provide an alternative by using the "+" sign. If you are replacing someone in your firm who uses a shared email address, you can add a plus and an "alias" to the characters before your domain name (e.g. Emails sent to this address will ignore the plus character and the alias that follows it, so the same inbox can be used while giving the user a unique email address.

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