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Forms: Getting Started

Set up Forms in your Workflow Templates to make client data actionable

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Hubly's Forms help your firm:

  • Turn key client info into actionable data

  • Use common formatting, such as checkboxes, single-select drop downs, and numbers to make data entry a breeze

  • Lay the groundwork for more advanced features, such as Conditional Logic within Workflows, to further automate your business

How to get started

To access Forms, pull up an existing Workflow Template, or create a new one from scratch. When editing an existing task, you’ll see a Form icon displayed in-line:

Hubly has created 8 Form Field Types:

  • Checkbox

  • Date

  • Date & Time

  • Single-select dropdown

  • Multi-select dropdown

  • Number

  • Text

  • Paragraph

πŸ”” Tip: use checkboxes, single-select drop downs, or number Form Field Types to easily set up your Workflows for accurate data captureπŸ””

Once you name your Form try adding a Form Field Type, such as one with a single-select drop down or checkbox, to a task:

Enter a field name, plus a few field options, and hit β€œSave”:

Use the single-select dropdown Field Type for use cases like documenting account details, such as custodian, account type, and funding source:

You can also click the "Edit Field Details" icon for further customization of your Form Field:

Customizations include:

  • A field description

  • A default value for a Form field

  • Making the Form required or not when completing a task

Use the checkbox field to request missing information from the client during the financial planning process:

And use the number field to enter in the age of a client, or track the percentage of assets that actually came into your firm out of the entire opportunity size (we'll discuss this in another article).

Tip: if using Forms for data like account numbers, but the account numbers contain letters AND numbers, use the "Text" Form Field instead of the "Number" form field.

🚨 NOTE: A task can have multiple Form Fields in a Form, but a task can only have one form 🚨

πŸŽ‰ Now, you're ready to:

  • Fill out your Forms in a Client Workflow

  • Set up Conditional Logic within Workflow Templates based on a Form

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