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Conditional Logic within Workflows: Getting Started
Conditional Logic within Workflows: Getting Started

Admins can set up Conditional Logic for Tasks within Workflows based on Forms

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Hubly's Conditional Logic within Workflows help your firm:

  • Further automate your business by setting the stage to take your clients through customized processes

  • Make carrying out work a breeze by view and completing only the tasks relevant to the client's specific situation

  • Advance beyond checklists and into a flexible, yet well-documented, processes and procedures manual to carry out across your firm

To get started, pull up an existing Workflow Template, or create a new one from scratch. Make sure you have at least one Form created in a Workflow before adding conditional logic within the Workflow. Once you do, click on the "Task Condition" icon in-line with any task below the task with the form:

From there, a modal will pop up that allows you to create a "When" condition. This When condition sets the stage for the task that you're editing to appear only when the conditions of this specific task are met. If the task conditions are not met, this task will not be applicable to a Client Workflow.

The enhancements to Conditional Logic deal with when conditions based on a Form:

You can create a When condition so that this task is only applicable when a specific Form Field condition is met. For example, When Form Field "Custodian" is equal to "TD". This When conditions means that when the Form Field of the task with the relevant Form equals TD, this task will be applicable in the Client Workflow. If the Form Field of the task is anything else besides "TD" this task will not be relevant:

You can even and "And" clauses in Form Field Task Conditions for advanced and further customizations. For example, a "Send RMD info" task may only be applicable when their account type = Trad IRA, and their age is greater than or equal to 72:

Once you hit "Add" these When conditions will be added to your Workflow template:

A fully built out Workflow Template, in the use case of Account Opening, might look like this:

πŸŽ‰ Now, you're ready to:

  • Fill out your Forms in a Client Workflow

  • Only surface the applicable Tasks in a Client Workflow baed on logic

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