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Forms & Conditional Logic within Workflows!
Forms & Conditional Logic within Workflows!

Use Hubly's Forms and Conditional Logic within Workflows for more accurate client journeys

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Hubly’s new Forms and Conditional Logic within Workflows are built to standardize client service records and data across your firm. Use this enhancement of Hubly’s Workflow engine to:

  • Turn key client info into actionable data with Forms

  • Reflect your clients’ journey with your firm through accurate Workflow completion history

  • Track the success of your key processes, from prospecting to account transfers, with pinpoint accuracy

Forms and Conditional Logic in Workflows empower your firm to further customize how you service your clients. Powered by Forms, Hubly automatically removes tasks in a Client Workflow that do not apply to a specific client’s situation, increasing continuity of processes and procedures firm-wide.

Who will benefit from this product?

Firms with multiple team members, where processes may have a number of different decision points, will benefit from the ability to send a client down a customizable path given the situation. These features primarily benefit instances related to prospecting, onboarding, and account and money movements.

How to get started

To access Forms, pull up an existing Workflow Template, or create a new one from scratch. When editing an existing task, you’ll see a Form icon displayed in-line:

From there, try adding a Form, such as one with a single-select drop down, to a task. Enter a field name, plus a few field options, and hit “Save”:

To add Conditional Logic based on that Form, add another task (or multiple) below the newly created task with the Form, and click the task condition icon:

You’ll see a new modal pop up that allows you to select “Form Field” as a “When” condition. Add a condition for the task, such as “When Form Field Custodian is equal to TD” and hit “Add” to save to that task:

You’ll see this reflected in the Workflow template:

Now, when you add a client to that Workflow and fill in form details, you’ll be able to see this conditional logic in action!

For those who have Insight Dashboards, we’ve also created a powerful “Forms Report” which provides the ability to filter by Form Field, Field Value, and Task Completion Date to hone in on your data further. This Dashboard could be great to track, say, the percentage of a client opportunity your firm is truly closing on.

Try this new feature set out for yourself, and let us know what you think! 🎉

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