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A Quick Way to Get a Head Start on Your Day

Organize your workflows by common themes and start your day with a high-level overview to keep on top of all of your tasks.

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Views can be pre-configured in your Hub to:

  • Organize your workflows by common themes (including Investment Management & New Accounts, Surge Meetings & Reviews, Financial Plan Implementation, and more!)

  • Quickly flip between these layouts without needing to hunt for individual workflows

  • Stop unassigned items from falling through the cracks by starting your day from an overview of all work in progress prior to drilling down into your own tasks

Tip: Want to get set up with the Views above? Copy and paste the names and descriptions from the Overview of Common Views below.

Configuring Views

In Hubly, new Views can be created whenever you have Workflows displayed in your Hub. Simply select the Create View button that appears on the top left side of your screen:

Don't see this option? Make sure that you have selected at least one Process or Workflow using the Workflow menu to display in your Hub:

We recommend organizing your Views by the following key themes to help you quickly find and review a familiar layout of related Workflows:

  • Investment Management & New Accounts

  • Surge Meetings & Reviews

  • Financial Plan Implementation

  • Prospects & New Client Onboarding

  • New Accounts & Paperwork

  • Service Calendar & Milestones

  • Drafts & Workflows Under Construction

The same Workflows and Processes can be added to multiple views (ie. New Accounts); this is helpful since you will want to see these whether you're focused on New Client Onboarding or Investment Management work.

Views can be a work-in-progress, you don't need to get them perfect from day one. When you're working in a View, you can select additional Workflows to be shown and hide Workflows that are no longer needed from the Workflow menu.

Simply select Update View to save your changes:

You can also drag to reorder how the Workflows appear across your display, for example, moving Workflows to the left that you'd like to prioritize:

Don't forget to select Update View to save your changes!

Working in a View

Use the Views menu at the top-left corner of your screen to select a View and quickly change the set of Workflows displayed across your Hub:

Don't see the Views menu? You are probably already working in a View, and as such, seeing that View's name on the top-left corner instead. Try selecting that button to open the menu and pick a different View:

You can switch between Views by simply selecting another View from the Views menu:

When working in a View, you will see that View's name at the top left corner of your screen (in lieu of the Views menu button):

You can scroll the Hub to see an overview of all clients active within those Workflows and apply filters using the Filters menu to drill down further:

There are many options to filter the Hub by, including assigned user, specific client, workflow status & reminder, streams/tags and more.

We recommend applying Filters to drill down and get a focused summary of just the work within a View that needs your attention. We don't recommend starting Views with a Filter configured because of the opportunity for new, unassigned client work to slip through the cracks.

Avoid clicking the Update View button with your Filters applied, otherwise the next user will have this filtered dashboard as their starting point when they select this View:

An Overview of Common Views

Here is an overview of the most common Views that we recommend organizing your Hub by. You can get started with these yourself by simply copying and pasting the names and descriptions into new or existing Views in your own Hub!

Investment Management & New Accounts

Workflows surrounding account openings, money moves, trades, KYC form updates, and other related activities.

Surge Meetings & Reviews

Workflows to track Scheduling, Prep, and Follow-Up tasks around your Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual Check-In/Review Meetings with ongoing clients.

Financial Plan Implementation

Topic-based workflows to track the review and implementation of a comprehensive financial plan for new clients.

Prospects & New Client Onboarding

Stage-based workflows to track the progress of prospective and new clients from initial contact through financial plan delivery.

New Accounts & Paperwork

A focused view on the Initial KYC, Account Opening, Transfer, and Funding elements of Investment Workflows.

Service Calendar & Milestones

Long-term service and financial planning topic review workflows to help stay on top of ongoing client needs. Many of the long-term, milestone/age-based automation workflows are found here.

Drafts & Workflows Under Construction

A workspace for the team to assemble and prioritize newly created workflows that are still being built out.

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