We know you've mastered using Hubly to track all your Client-facing Tasks. Now - what if you could use it to stay on top of everything relating to your teams' internal processes?

What are internal workflows?

Not all of your work is client-related - we can create Workflows to help you capture outstanding to-do's facing you and your firm.

We can also leverage Hubly workflows to plan out the recurring practice management activities that you need to stay on top of on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis!

Finally, you can use Hubly to document Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) - so that new hires to your firm know exactly what they need to do - and when.

Investing the time to document your tasks and organize them into timely, well thought out Workflows, will help you achieve peace of mind as your business continues to grow. It will not only make it easier for you to stay on top of your business operations, but it will also make it easier for you to delegate this work away as your team grows.

Well-documented workflows make it easy to onboard and train new team members, and will empower them to iterate β€” making important improvements to the systems that you establish as your business grows!

Let's Get Started

Start by creating a Workflow to park all of your outstanding tasks. You will need to create (or add) a client record for your own firm - this will allow you to capture these outstanding items. You can also have your team members add themselves, if there are personal to-do's that they would like to track.

Next, think about the ongoing cadence of activities that you need to stay on top of on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis

From Sales & Marketing to Finance and Business related tasks/compliance, we recommend building monthly, quarterly, and annual Workflows for each specific area.

We did this ourselves, breaking it down to the following:

  • Weekly Cadence

  • Monthly: Sales & Marketing

  • Monthly: Finance

  • Monthly: Management

  • Quarterly: Sales & Marketing

  • Quarterly: Finance

  • Quarterly: Management

  • Annual: Sales & Marketing

  • Annual: Finance

  • Annual: Management

This makes it easy to stay on top of, and iterate upon, your list of tasks that you need to accomplish for each specific area of your business.

Adding Automations to Internal Workflows

Now that you have made this framework and began planning your internal (business facing) tasks, you can configure Workflow Rules to find and add your new practice client card to each of these Workflows on an ongoing basis.

To set this up, we’re going to first find the client record and create a new #OPS tag:

This will allow us to look for this tag group, and add the client card for your firm into a Workflow by Workflow Rule.

Next, we will create Repeating Rules for each of these internal Workflows and specify a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis:

Just remember to stay on top of your internal to-dos, clearing them out by completing the Workflow in a timely manner - otherwise, these Rules will not start a fresh Workflow when the time comes.

We always recommend starting small, with a Workflow for your monthly, quarterly, and annual to-dos. Once things get busy, you can always split them up to create greater visibility into each area of your business.

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